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Working Wired

I outlined this note on a laptop computer while traveling, then e-mailed it to myself and drafted it on the desktop at home. Transmitting it once again via the 1s and 0s from my personal e-mail account to the NEA server, I was able to apply finishing touches and submit it electronically (later than I should have, I confess) to the always insightful ministrations of our copy editor.

The digital assets at my fingertips—largely provided by NEA members so I can work wherever I happen to be—make me a member in good standing of the 21st century workforce. Despite a Luddite preference for fountain pens and straight razors, I find myself on the right side of the digital divide.

However, far too many of the students we serve, and a surprising number of educators, lack everyday access to key online resources and are at risk of being left behind in a shifting economy. In Mind the Gap, we explore what some members and communities are doing to bridge this "participation gap." Be sure to let us know what you think—via e-mail or even the postal service.

Editor Doug Walker

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