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Actions Speak Louder

As this issue goes to press, we're counting down the days until the nation selects a new President, members of Congress, and numerous local and state office-holders, not to mention various policies via ballot initiative and referendum. On election day, make your voice heard—VOTE. And compound your impact by volunteering for the candidate of your choice—even if only for an hour or two.

If you've not settled on a candidate, please give serious consideration to the friends of education that educators in your local and state Associations and the NEA have recommended, such as Barack Obama for President. Visit educationvotes for the latest on education in the campaign. With our votes, we can make a difference for our communities and for the students we serve.

And for a little inspiration about the power of acting collectively, check out this month's features on child labor and American Indian education, which remind us how just a few of us can make significant change in our students' schooling and in their lives.


Editor Doug Walker

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