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Higher Education Faculty Salary Resources

The Latest Faculty Salary Update  (PDF)

The  NEA Higher Education Advocate provides annual salary data for faculty, compares the effects of unionization and tenure, and examines salary trends for non-teaching professionals.

Trends in public support and public sector faculty salaries were examined over a 10-year period. While faculty purchasing power was higher at the end of the 10-year period, there was a 2 percent decrease in salaries between 2001–02 and 2004–05; this coincided with a 5 to 10 percent decrease during the same period in the amount of state tax support for higher education.

Higher Education State Salary Surveys 

Search NEA's database on salaries and benefits by state and year.

NEA 2010 Almanac of Higher Education

NEA’s Almanac of Higher Education includes annual articles analyzing how faculty salaries have fared over the last year, shifts in retirement and benefits, and the challenges facing education support professionals.  The 2010 edition includes:

Faculty Salaries: 2008–2009 (,400 KB, 22 pp)
By Suzanne B. Clery and Barry L. Christopher

Retirement and Benefits: New Realities in an Economic Downturn (,345 KB, 10pp)
By Valerie Martin Conley

ESPs: Job Protection Issues (, 395 KB, 12pp)
By Vicki J. Rosser

Back issues of the Almanac are available here.

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