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They're Talking on Campus...

...About two reports from the Center for American Progress that suggest the Millennial generation—those 18-to-29 years old—will usher in a new progressive era and end the culture wars.

The reports “New Progressive America: The Millennial Generation,” and “The Political Ideology of the Millennial Generation” examined the political values and beliefs of the 18-29 year olds, and found them more progressive than their predecessors in virtually ever area.

For example, the Center notes, 71 percent of young people agree that the federal government should guarantee health-care coverage for all Americans. In 1978, it says, 43 percent of young people supported government-provided health insurance. When asked if we need a strong government to handle today’s complex economic problems or whether the free market can handle these problems without government’s involvement, Millennials preferred strong government by a margin of 78 to 22 percent.

On the cultural front, the Millennials are the most diverse generation in the nation’s history— 60 percent white and 40 percent minority (18 percent Hispanic, 14 percent black, 5 percent Asian, and 3 percent other).

They support gay marriage, take race and gender equality as givens, are tolerant of religious and family diversity, have an open and positive attitude toward immigration, and generally display little interest in fighting over the divisive social issues of the past.

To view the reports in their entirety, visit the Center for American Progress.

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