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Higher Education Conference

Conference focus will be on college preparation and readiness and K-12 and higher education cooperation.

Early-bird registration for the 2009 NEA higher education conference now ends February 15! Join us in Portland, Oregon, March 27-29, 2009, at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel.

The conference theme is “The Seamless Web of Education.” Attendees will explore topics such as college readiness, dual enrollment, and P-16 councils, and other state efforts to create a seamless web from pre-K through graduate education.

NEA Almanac authors Henry Lee Allen, Valerie Martin Conley, Gary Rhoades, William Zumeta, Vicki Rosser, Patricia Farrell, Siva Vaidyanathan, John Lee, and Christine Maitland will present their latest findings on the status of the profession, bargaining advances, and working conditions and trends for faculty and staff.

Professional development sessions on topics like managing your workload, promoting inclusive excellence in diverse college classrooms, and identifying and resolving indoor air quality problems will be offered as well as sessions on organizing and NEA resources. The theme of Leadership Day (March 26) is “Leading in Tough Economic Times.” Online conference registration and hotel reservations are available now at

The NEA Higher Education Program is soliciting nominations for candidates for the NEA Higher Education Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA).

The ELA provides hands-on training to new and future leaders of NEA higher education locals to help strengthen the long-term viability and effectiveness of these locals and their state associations.

The goal of the ELA that is reinforced at each session is to: “Enhance your leadership skills, and use those skills in your local association to build a strong organization.”

The ELA also provides emerging leaders the opportunity to become part of a national network of ELA class members and graduates.

The deadline for all application materials to reach the NEA Higher Education Program for Class of 2010 candidates is Friday, February 20, 2009. Questions regarding the program can be e-mailed to Phadra Williams, ELA coordinator at

The 2008 Thought & Action, the NEA Journal of Higher Education, featuring an interview with new NEA president Dennis Van Roekel, was mailed to all NEA higher education members in December. If you haven’t received your copy, e-mail

The Thought & Action Review Panel also welcomes submissions for the 2009 Special Focus: Higher Education in the New Progressive Era. What could your discipline contribute to the betterment of society if given sufficient support and resources by a nation that believes higher education is a public good?

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