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They're Talking On Campus...

...About a plan by the University of Texas at Austin, through a partnership with the publisher John Wiley & Sons, to shift some classes entirely to e-textbooks.

Beginning with the spring 2009 semester, the university will provide the electronic materials for the approximately 1,000 students enrolled in a handful of courses in quantitative subjects such as biochemistry and accounting. The university hopes for a per book cost of $25 to $45.

Already, at UT-Austin's campus bookstore this semester, e-books were available for 198 courses representing an estimated enrollment of 15,531 students.

...About an Ohio study that finds a student who enrolls at a community college with the intention of earning a bachelor's degree is 14.5 percent less likely to do so within nine years than is a student who starts out at a four-year public college in the state.

The study, conducted by Bridget Terry Long of Harvard University and Michal Kurlaender of the University of California, Davis, covered the entire entering class of 1998 in Ohio's public higher education system, comparing community college students' success with that of their peers who began at four-year colleges.

Community college students who are older, more likely to be minorities, and more likely to come from more disadvantaged backgrounds, face greater obstacles than their peers, the authors note. So rather than siphoning students off to four-year colleges, the goal should be more support for community colleges to make it easier for students to transfer.

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