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NEA was a key player in the 2008 election, helping to elect education-friendly candidates across the nation.

The 2008 election season saw an unprecedented effort by NEA to mobilize its 3.2 million members and additional 2 million household members to elect education-friendly candidates at the national, state and local levels. Called “Education Votes,” the Association effort included communication with members and their families via Web sites (, emails, blogs, mail, cable ads, and even a rolling billboard at the Democratic and Republican conventions and presidential debates.

Throughout the campaign, NEA and its affiliates distributed more than 21.3 million pieces of mail, made more than 2.1 million phone calls, and sent more than 1.3 million emails to members in battleground states.

Why all the effort? Consider the payoff. In the 15 presidential battleground states targeted by NEA, members and their families comprised 2.3 million potential voters. In 11 Senate races targeted by NEA, almost three-quarters of a million NEA voters were up for grabs. Similarly, in 54 congressional races targeted by NEA, there were almost 900,000 potential voters among NEA members and their families.

NEA holds its 27th annual higher education conference in Portland, OR, March 27-29, 2009, at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel. The 2009 theme is “The Seamless Web of Education,” and attendees will explore issues that affect education from pre-K through higher education for all sectors of our higher ed membership. Leadership Day is Thursday, March 26. Online conference registration and hotel reservations are available now at, and programs will be posted as sessions are finalized. Early bird registration rates run through January 15, 2009, with special discounts for Oregon Education Association members. Register now!

Students across the country spent the fall election season raising the issue of college affordability, thanks to NEA’s got tuition? campaign.

At the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, students signed the got tuition? petition asking elected leaders to invest more federal resources in student aid and recorded videos promoting the issue of college affordability.

Students at the University of North Carolina- Wilmington, the University of Colorado-Boulder, Indiana State, East Carolina University, Alabama State, Kansas Wesleyan, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Morehouse College in Atlanta also have hosted the got tuition? campaign.

Students can invite the got tuition? campaign to their campus by going to They also can check out photos from other campus rallies and blogs, listen to a Got Tuition? media teleconference about the issues shaping the college affordability debate, and encourage their fellow students to become members of the NEA Student Program.

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