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Education International Milestone

The NEA-supported international federation of unions celebrates 15 years of championing the universal right to education.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Education International (EI). On January 26, 1993, approximately 1,000 delegates from the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession (WCOTP) and the International Federation of Free Teachers Unions (IFFTU) gathered in Stockholm, Sweden to merge these two rival teacher union federations.

Starting with about 18 million members, EI has grown to approximately 30 million members in 394 affiliates in 171 countries and territories. Today Education International is renowned as the leader on issues such as education for all, the rights of women and girls, union rights of educators and support professionals, the fight against child labor, the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the struggle for human rights and democracy. Visit to find out more about EI.

The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, a group representing predominantly and historically Black colleges and universities, honored NEA President Reg Weaver with its Presidential Award during the group's annual conference on Blacks in higher education. NAFEO recognized Weaver for his leadership in providing what it calls “a well prepared, diverse teacher corps.”

“The NAFEO membership selected Mr. Weaver to receive this year's Presidential Award in recognition for his sterling service at the helm of NEA,” said NAFEO President Lezli Baskerville.

In accepting the award, Weaver drew attention to the nation's dropout crisis and its effect on minority neighborhoods, noting that schools in these neighborhoods are often crumbling and in need of repair, textbooks are older, and students are at a real disadvantage.

He also praised the nation’s HBCUs. “We must continue to pressure and educate the Congress and other stakeholders to support and strengthen America’s historically Black colleges,” he said. “There is no way to measure their tremendous contributions. They are a part of the great American story.”

Six locals of the California Teachers Association, including the Hartnell College Faculty Association, recently affiliated with the AFL-CIO as part of the landmark 2006 Labor Solidarity Partnership Agreement between NEA and AFL-CIO.

The locals, representing some 6,000 educators, bring to 10 the number of NEA locals that have taken advantage of the agreement. The agreement allows NEA locals to affiliate with the AFL-CIO and to participate in AFL-CIO central labor councils.

“The benefits of this partnership extend far beyond the lives of the members involved,” said NEA President Reg Weaver. “Not only will affiliation facilitate efforts on health care, retirement security and workers' rights, but together we can make sure educators have the tools, resources and respect they need to teach our nation’s students.”

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