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Reclaiming the American Dream - an NEA video to ensure great public schools for all students (8:57)

Studies show that a dollar invested in public education causes the economy to grow at a faster rate than tax cuts. States and nations that have spent money on education, all across the board, tend to have the fastest growing and the most sustainable economies in the long term. Tell your policymakers that education is an economic development tool, it is the engine that drives the economy.

Losing the American Dream- an NEA video to ensure great public schools for all students  (9:44)

America is a nation built on the ideal of equal opportunity, where everyone has a chance to succeedwhere all of us are given an opportunity to share the American Dream. Is this todays reality?

The truth is that educational and economic opportunities for many Americans is on a steady decline. And this alarming problem is creating an insurmountable disadvantage. Yet diminished opportunities for some Americans dont just affect some of us they affect all of us! The very principles that our nation was built on are now being taken away.


Additional resources about TEF

PBS Now, "Taxing the Poor" (26:03)

Wal-Mart Subsidies (7:48)

Warren Buffett's Tax Rate is Lower than His Secretary's (4:39)

TAXES: Warren Buffett - Rich Taxed Too Little, Poor Too Much (5:17)

Eye To Eye With Katie Couric: Buffett's Tax Code (CBS News) (1:40)

Free Lunch, Corp Welfare, Bill Moyers and David Cay Johnston (9:49)

David Cay Johnston - A History of Government Subsidies (3:08)

David Cay Johnston - Are Government Subsidies Unfair? (4:43)

David Cay Johnston - A Moral Argument for Progressive Taxes (3:04)

Introduction to Fiscal Policy (4:13)

Our Troubling Tax System  (4:10)

Voodoo Economics (5:29)

What is Behavioral Economics? (4:16)

Miles Grant on Progressive Taxation (1:19)

Mike Gravel - Sales Tax vs Income Tax (3:54)

Obama wants to change the corporate tax with the aim of tax loopholes for multinational corporations to close (7:14)


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