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Eight TEF Lessons for NEA Members and Citizens


TEF Lessons -- Understanding TEF, which stands for Taxes, Economic development policies, and Funding for schools is the first, most important step toward empowering us to become key players in public policy arena. TEF’s basic premise is that adequate funding of public education through an equitable system of taxation and a level economic development playing field for business is the best way to create and maintain a civilized, prosperous society, one where all Americans have a fair chance to succeed. Message research on TEF shows that calling TEF “Strong Schools, Strong Communities, Strong Economy” tests well.

State leaders asked us to develop a product that could be used to help local and state affiliates work with members (educators, education support professionals, retired, students, and others) and the general public to enhance their understanding of the basics of TEF. We have developed eight lessons that affiliates can use to educate and organize members and citizens to ensure that we have the kind of resources necessary to achieving Great Public Schools for Every Student.

These lessons are a work in progress. Affiliates can download, modify, and use them as they see fit.

A letter from Dennis Van Roekel, NEA President.

What is TEF?

You can download, modify, and use them as they see fit. Click on the link to download lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations

Lesson One: Decisions Facing Public Education - Who Decides (Lesson)  (Presentation)

Lesson Two: Signs of the Economic Times (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Three: The American Dream vs. The American Reality (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Four: The Role of Taxes in Society  (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Five: State Taxes - Unfair and Inadequate (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Six: Investing in Public Education Pays (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Seven: Tax Structures, Economic Development, and Funding for Public Schools (Lesson) (Presentation)

Lesson Eight: Moving from Information to Action (Lesson) (Presentation)

About this New TEF Tool

This product consists of eight interactive learning workshops you can use to take the TEF message to the general public and build advocacy for public education. All of these materials are available for you to download, post, and manipulate as best suits your needs. For example, state or local affiliates can post them on their own web sites so staff and members can add or subtract from them to host workshops for the general public and initiate or build upon a statewide TEF campaign. We encourage anyone using these materials to first check with the state or local affiliate about current efforts being organized or underway. The purpose of the product is to provide background to “action” that is being coordinated at the state or local level regarding taxes, economic development policies, and funding for public schools.