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Honoring Cesar Chavez

Join the movement for a National Day of Service on Chavez' birthday.

The National Education Association has joined labor and civil rights organizations around the country in supporting a national petition for a National Day of Service in honor of Cesar Chavez’s birthday, March 31.

NEA members, locals, and state affiliates are encouraged to sign and share the petition asking President Obama to declare the National Day of Service in honor of the labor leader and civil rights activist who championed the rights of farm workers and their families.

Watch the Film

The farmworkers’ struggle for rights and recognition is also the subject of the first-ever feature film about the civil rights activist and American hero. Cesar Chavez, a family-friendly film directed by Diego Luna and starring Michael Peña, America Ferrara and Rosario Dawson. The film is a passionate and powerful depiction of how collective bargaining has been a tool for equity and justice and opens in theaters March 28, 2014.

Educators around the country are encouraged to use the film as a teaching tool in the classroom and organize student and community service activities and celebrations to continue the work begun by Cesar Chavez.

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