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A New Vision

NEA’s Accountability Task Force Report

Download the NEA Accountability Task Force Report ( PDF, 3.5 MB, 36 pgs.)

The 2014 NEA Representative Assembly established the NEA Task Force on Accountability to “develop plans for a full system of public school accountability and support.”

The Task Force began its journey by outlining three goals:

1. Conceptualize an alternative accountability system based on shared responsibility to promote opportunity, equity, and excellence for all students;
2. Set a new vision for education accountability to move beyond the current narrowly focused, punitive approach; and
3. Back-map the strategies needed to build a bridge between our current reality and the desired aspirational vision of education success.

As the Task Force moved forward in crafting this new vision, it posed this compelling question:
What would an education system look like in which all students, educators, and public schools are successful and everyone knows it?

These considerations are deeply rooted in NEA’s vision of Great Public Schools for Every Student where all students and groups of students are excelling and each individual student is excelling. The Task Force considered how best to define, support, ensure, and sustain success, while wrestling with many thoughtful and challenging questions:

· What does success for every student look like?
· How are educators prepared and supported for success?
· What strategies are required to address the needs of historically underserved populations?
· What do we do if a school is not successful?
· How will everybody know when students, schools, and educators are successful

Through this process of exploration, questioning, and research, the Task Force developed a new paradigm that demonstrates how we move from the current system to one that embraces inspiration, innovation, responsibility, commitment, investment, assessment, and continuous improvement.

Click HERE to read the full report and the Task Force Recommendations.