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Resources to Supplement Your Offerings

Offer your site visitors a broad perspective on Association business by supplementing your website content with these offerings.

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Free Content from NEA

Local and state NEA affiliates are free to reprint any content on that is NEA-copyrighted content (does not include third-party owned content, which is indicated by a separate copyright notice at the bottom of the articles).


Classroom Resources


RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication – more commonly known as RSS Feeds – affords you a free and easy way to add new content to your website. An RSS Feed is an automatically-generated summary of information on another web site. So when the other website’s RSS feed changes, your website will be automatically changed too. (Learn more about RSS feeds.)

If you know how to cut and paste, then you have all the skills necessary to display an RSS feed on your website. Learn how at Feed2JS.

RSS feeds from NEA

Editor’s Note:Identify RSS feeds on other websites by looking for this commonly-used icon.

Where to Go for Help

If you need story ideas, editing tips, or actual copy to fill a hole on one of your pages, here are some places to turn:

  • Local leaders and Association reps
  • Your Uniserv director
  • The Communications staff of your NEA state affiliate.




  • 20 Tips for Producing Great Content
    This is an easy way to evaluate how your Association is communicating its mission, goals, and messages.  Just answer yes or no to each and tally your score!
  • Writing Strong Copy
    When it comes to online communication, content is king.  Here are tried and true guidlelines to craft your messages for maximun effect.   
  • Attracting Contributors
    Get the conversations going!  Whether it's a good debate or an exchange of vital information, get your members to be a part of it all with a few simple steps.
  • Writing for Your Website or E-Newsletter
    Don't just report your Associations news, help make it happen! 
  • Editorial Checklist
    Make sure you cover these key points for maximum message benefit.