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Fairness in Action

Found in: Classroom Management

How do we teach students to treat others with fairness - playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, being open-minded, listening to others, not taking advantage of others, and not blaming others? Here's how three educators put this behavior into action.

When Students Say, "I Hate This"

My favorite reply to the "I hate this" remark (or any other inane complaint) is "Bummer." Add a knowing, commiserative nod. You appear sympathetic to the poor child's "discomfort," yet you invite no more comment. Kids have no response for this.

      —csanders, high school teacher

Be Open-Minded

Don't hold an incident against a child for the remainder of the year.

     —Lois Yukna, bus driver, Woodbridge, New Jersey

Good Sportsmanship - A Thing of the Past?

In some respects it is but it can be brought back. In our school we teach good sportsmanship. The students are not allowed to blast each other. They are not allowed to trash talk each other during games. They are taught to make good observations about how others are playing. The team that does not win is taught to congratulate the team that does win. The winning team is also taught to tell the other team that they played a good game. We have to make a conscious effort at teaching them this. It is not always taught at home. They also rarely see it on television when they watch sports or at sporting events.

    —spinycollard, from a Do the Right Thing discussion board


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