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Responsive Classroom

Found in: preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; classroom management; new teachers

Responsive Classroom focuses on academic success and social-emotional learning in grades K-8. The approach’s four key domains are engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness. For a one-minute overview, see The Responsive Classroom Approach.  A two-part video intro provides additional information.

The Info Library features nine categories of teacher tips and offers Printables for elementary and middle school as well as research, white papers, and information for parents.

First Weeks of School includes tips for the whole school and specific classrooms. The New Teacher’s Toolkit: First Days  explains the importance of establishing routines during the first three days of class when students are on their best behavior. A brief video shows a teacher using interactive modeling to demonstrate the use of Signal for Quiet.  A link to Interactive Modeling is included.

Classroom Management & Discipline  provides classroom tips for the starting and ending the school year. For example, Revisiting Classroom Rules recommends discussing and practicing the rules all year long, especially at after long breaks and when a student joins the class. A brief video What Will Our Rules Look Like? is provided.

Teacher Language  stresses the use of positive language, even, or especially, in the face of defiance. When Children Are Defiant  recommends taking a proactive approach to prevent defiance and suggests ways to deescalate defiance. Links to related articles are provided.

Regional and international Workshops  are listed, as well as Teacher and Leadership Conferences.


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