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Holiday Shopping

Here's a creative way to teach younger students how to count money during the season of shopping.   

Advice & Support

Handling Disruptive Students

By Peter Lorain, retired high school teacher and middle school principal, Beaverton, Oregon

'Tis the season for restless students and their disruptions.  It's a daunting challenge, so here's some great advice to help you keep the peace until the holiday break.     

advice & support

Sharing with Soldiers and Sailors

Christy Goodney, a US history teacher in Texas

Make time at the holidays to remember active service men and women who won't be home or the holidays with this  service project: a valuable lesson in social studies and gratitude.

advice & support

You Will Relax!

By: NEA Staff

How do you relax at this hectic time of year and keep the kids off the ceiling? Here's some advice we've gathered to keep everyone calm until Winter break  - especially you.

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Demanding Support for Claims
Reformers have used and abused misinformation, false claims, exaggerations, and even fabrications ito promote reforms such as high-stakes testing, merit pay, charter schools, Value-Added Model (VAM), and Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). Check out these NEA resources to help you demand academic truth.