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Teaching Strategies

Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Strategies that promote developmentally appropriate, healthy, safe play and learning for children.

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Cure the Winter Doldrums With In-Class Exercise

Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer

Winter is here, and your students are feeling somewhat unfocused.  How can you snap them out of it and regain that learning momentum? Try exercise.

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Diversity Toolkit: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

NEA Staff

LGBTQ individuals still face discrimination and intolerance based on pervasive stereotypes and myths. To address LGBTQ issues effectively, consider these strategies.

articles & resources

Use Specific Language for Feedback and Praise

Naomi Poindexter

Praising a student for a job well done is never a bad thing.  But it can be a better thing. See how your choice of words can have a long-lasting effect on students' achievements. 

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