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YouTube for Educators

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Find Instructional Videos

YouTube EDU is a sub-section of YouTube that provides access to more than 500,000 educational videos from organizations like Stanford University, PBS, TED, Khan Academy, Steve Spangler Science, and Numberphile. Videos are grouped for primary and secondary education, university, and lifelong learning with categories reflecting academic disciplines. For example, primary and secondary education includes the categories, history and social studies, languages, mathematics and science and within each of these additional subcategories. Categories can be browsed or searched.

Limit Access to Non-Educational Content

YouTube for Schools is a network setting that allows schools to access educational content on YouTube EDU while limiting access to non-educational content. Students can watch and search only YouTube EDU videos and videos their school adds. All comments and related videos are disabled. Anyone familiar with typical viewer comments will appreciate this aspect.

Create Your Own “Channel”

YouTube Teachers is a how-to site that shows teachers how to use YouTube in the classroom.  A tutorial explains how to create your own YouTube channel. Creating your own channel eliminates ads. Build playlists and submit them and recommend quality content.

Sample Videos

The following videos are a sample of what is available.

  • The first is a planetarium-style tour of the universe suited for a general science glass.
  • The second is a “biography” of Paris, which could be used in a French language class.
  • The third is an explanation of a theorem to be used in a calculus class, review, or self-study.

As you view the example videos, you’ll see the advantage to creating your own channel. No ads. Also, the playlist you build will fit your needs.


Cosmic Journeys: How Large is the Universe?
Paris and its monuments
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Part 1 of 2
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Part 2 of 2


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