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The Space Place

Found In: Science, PreK-2, 3-5

The Space Place is a website for K-5 students to explore the solar system and beyond with animations or interactive demonstrations; make projects and art; and play games, solve puzzles, and answer quizzes.

Resources are cataloged under multiple headings: space, sun, Earth, solar system, and people & technology. Each resource is tagged with an icon denoting explore, do, or play. Each heading’s complete list can be further narrowed by resource type.

A Parents & Educators menu includes links to:

  • printable pictures for the classroom,
  • a large collection of classroom activity articles, and
  • printable posters.

A Space Place Calendar includes space- and science-related anniversaries linked to relevant activities and fun facts on the Website. Each calendar month is available as a PDF.

May’s calendar highlights President Kennedy’s May 25, 1961 declaration that the United States would land a person on the moon by the end of the decade and links to the Build a Moon Habitat activity. Students use newspaper, tape, stapler, and a bed sheet to construct a habitat large enough to sit inside. For more ambitious engineers, the plan includes directions for building a moon habitat large enough to stand in. The plan links to related projects.

The entry for June 6th celebrates the opening of the first roller coaster in 1884 and links to plans for building a Newtonian Physics Machine to discover how a roller coaster keeps going without an engine. Because the drilling of holes in small parts is required, the activity indicates that adult help is recommended. A sidebar explains how the machine works.

The Space Place is available in Spanish too.



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