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Exploring Time

Found In: science, 6-8, 9-12

Exploring Time is an interactive that lets users explore change over time and human perception of time. The website is a companion to a two-hour Science Channel television program, Exploring Time. The complete program is available on the website in video chapter segments. Each segment provides a PDF download of the transcript.

Each hour has a middle school and high school teacher guide and activity sheets on erosion, carbon cycle, and water balloon slicing. The teacher guides include lessons, activities, extensions, and links to related sites.


The Create Video page describes how students can assemble their own time-lapse sequences with Macs and PCs. Web links are included. Student-created video can be uploaded to the Exploring Time website archive. A related website, Playing with Time, furnishes step-by-step instructions for making time-lapse sequences.


A printable poster showing change in time from Planck time to billions of years can be downloaded and printed: full size 32”x24” ( PDF, 18.6 MB, 1 pg.). A 12-page version of the poster is referenced but was unavailable at the time of this writing.

Online Activities

A section called Playground includes four subsections:

  • A Gallery with video in different time scales. Set the slider to a scale and choose from a menu of representative time-lapse videos.
  • How Long Does It Take challenges users to estimate the duration of events in eight time-lapse, high-speed, and animated videos.
  • Painting with Time by choosing a seasonal landscape and using patches and swatches to reveal and blend the seasons.
  • The Musings section is one of those glass half-full or half-empty experiences.

A Links page provides access to websites with time-lapse and high-speed video and other engaging science sites.



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