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Found In: mathematics, science, 9-12

MinutePhysics is a YouTube-based collection of 56 brief animated videos explaining concepts in physics, mathematics, science, and other subjects. Filmmaker Henry Reich, also creator of the Big Bang Registry, releases a new MinutePhysics video each week.

Sample Videos

  • Proof Without Words: The Circle uses beads in a chain and a ruler to determine the area of a circle in a nearly wordless 1:20 minute proof.
  • Why The Solar System Can Exist explains the physics behind stable orbits in three dimensions.
  • What is Fire? sheds light on why flames are blue or red/orange and why they are shaped liked tongues and rise.
  • Ye Olde Debunking explains how the Runic symbol representing the “th” sound became a “y” after the Norman Invasion in AD 1066.
Fire it up! MinutePhysics explains hot stuff.

Higgs Boson

The recent announcement that the existence of the Higgs Boson had been experimentally verified raises the question, what is it and why should we care? The Higgs Boson, Part I introduces the Higgs Field and Higgs Boson and its place in the Standard Model. The Higgs Boson, Part II: What is Mass? explains the importance of the Higgs Field. We’d all be lightweights without it. The Higgs Boson, Part III: How To Discover A Particle should be available soon.



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