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Bridging World History

Found In: social studies9-12

Bridging World History is a set of multimedia materials for 26 thematic world history units presented in a loose chronological order. Each unit has:

  • a 30-minute video,
  • an online text chapter,
  • activities,
  • and more.

Chapters include journal articles and other readings, an overview of the unit content, and a course guide. All materials are available on the Web site.

Units examine themes such as human migrations, agricultural and urban revolutions, early belief systems, early economies, early empires, imperialism, colonialism, global popular culture, and others.

A representative unit is Unit 17: Ideas Shape the World traces the impact of European Enlightenment ideas on the revolutions in the Americans and the Wahhabi movement on Islam. A unit content overview includes global historical context, AP themes, and questions to consider. A half-hour video can be viewed online. Three supplementary essays explore the evolution and development of the modern nation-state, the relationship between material conditions and ideas, and the African dimension of the revolutionary ideology in Haitian revolution of 1801. Related Units lists four units sharing thematic ideas.

Support Materials & Printables

Support Materials include guides, activities, readings, and other text in PDF format. The website also has an Archive with over 1500 images and maps, ready for classroom use, and an Audio Glossary with the pronunciations of over 300 place names and historical figures.



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