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Found In: mathematics, science, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

HippoCampus is a source of free multimedia resources for middle school, high school, and college students. Many of these resources would work well on an interactive whiteboard. Current versions of Adobe Flash and QuickTime are recommended. HippoCampus provides a Hippocampus User’s Guide (PDF icon PDF, 1.1 MB, 27 pgs.).

Users can browse subject specific collections or individual subjects. Collections include NROC, Khan Academy, PhET, and NOAA. Subjects include arithmetic, algebra & geometry, calculus & advanced math, statistics & probability, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, economics, history & government, psychology, and religion.

Selecting biology under subject headings lists resources from three collections: presentations under NROC and Khan Academy and simulations under PhET. Choosing biology under PhET opens a list of fifteen interactive downloadable simulations, covering color vision, eating & exercise, pH, neuron, and more. Simulations can be expanded.

The Eating & Exercise simulation (follow Browse Subjects > Biology > Simulations > Phet Collection > Biology) is linked to textbook correlations and lets users set gender, age, height, weight, calorie intake, and exercise level. The simulation then plots two graphs showing change in weight and calories burned. A link to PhET has a Teacher’s Guide (PDF icon PDF, 98 KB, 1 pg.) and sample learning goals, clicker questions, activity, and guided discovery. Teachers can submit their own ideas and activities. There is a menu of translated versions of the simulation for ESL teachers.

Teachers can create their own HippoCampus pages after opening a free account and then key it to their own textbooks, create and edit playlists, and annotate topics. Detailed instructions for doing this are in the HippoCampus User’s Guide



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