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Annenberg Classroom: Civics Education

Found In: social studies, 6-8, 9-12

Annenberg Classroom connects its curriculum on the Constitution and amendments to daily civics news and student discussion that can be held in the classroom or online in a moderated, national dialogue.

The homepage has three headings: News, Speak Out!, and Knowledge.

  • National and local news articles and podcasts of interest to social studies classrooms are chosen twice a day.
  • Speak Out! comprises articles discussing a news item and linking to multimedia curriculum. Speak Out! articles are written twice a week.
  • Knowledge covers the US Constitution, state and local government, congress, presidency, and the courts. Associated with Speak out! are critical thinking lesson plans and resources.

Constitution Curriculum

A Constitutional Curriculum includes a Constitution Guide, timelines, games and interactives, lesson plans, and more. The Constitutional Guide explains what each article and amendment says and means and includes related news and resources.

Timelines include death penalty, education, health care, and immigration. PDF versions of the timelines can be downloaded.

Games and Interactives illustrate the branches of power, law craft, the Bill of Rights and more. Some resources require free registration.

PDF Unit and Lesson Plans cover a range of subjects from making an issue-based video to creating a constitution. Teachers will also find a guide for K-12 educators, Vision 20/20: Equality in Sight (PDF icon PDF, 3.6 MB, 95 pgs.), which builds on the temporary exhibition From the Absence of Many to the Presence of All: The Unfinished Business of Women’s Equality.

The website also provides a glossary, a list of best civics sites for teachers, and downloadable books on the Constitution, rights, justice, and democracy.



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