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Discrimination in the Workplace - Resources for Teaching High School Students

Found Insocial studies, 9-12

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) offers a video and accompanying classroom guides to educate working-age students about sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination. The tools are available online at Youth@Work under "free downloads."

The video and the classroom guides provide a series of vignettes to help teenagers entering the work force understand some of the issues they may face. The vignettes show typical workplace settings for teens, such as a retail store and a fast food restaurant. The classroom guides help teachers and students identify illegal discrimination and harassment.

The tools were developed as part of EEOC’s Youth@Work, an effort to educate America’s youth about their employment rights and responsibilities and help employers create positive work experiences for young adults.

The EEOC's Youth@Work web page includes information about different types of job discrimination that young workers may encounter and suggests strategies they can use to prevent, and, if necessary, respond to such discrimination. The web page also features an interactive quiz called "Challenge Yourself!" that lets teens test their knowledge by analyzing sample job discrimination scenarios.



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