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Bulletin Board Ideas

Found In: all subjects, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Bulletin Board Ideas gathers material from the Internet, welcomes ideas from teachers, and offers original ideas as well. The website’s commercial aspect can be ignored. As always, necessity is the mother (and father) of invention.

Bulletin board ideas are organized under month, season, holiday, grade PreK-12, subject, and theme. Holiday ideas cover mainstream holidays. As of now, no multicultural holidays are posted. Themes include:

  • back to school,
  • classroom management,
  • interactive,
  • motivational,
  • door display,
  • and more.

Each project page provides a photo of the completed board or door and describes what supplies were used and how. Links at the page bottom list articles sorted by postdate, category, and tag.

Scholastic: Bulletin Board Ideas

Another source of ideas is Scholastic’s Bulletin Board Ideas: Everything You Need. Many of these projects can be adapted to reflect cultural diversity.

Topic Magazine: Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations

Topic Magazine’s Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations is a good source of information on international holidays. Of course, another source of ideas is your class. Engage your students in small groups to research, develop, and produce bulletin boards reflecting the diversity in their own classroom.



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