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All About Birds

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shining honeycreeper

During the next few months many birds will migrate south. Still others may winter over in your area. Again in Spring, the return of some species heralds warmer weather. All About Birds is an online guide to birds and bird watching with entries for 585 species. It has ID tips, sound, and video for 117 species. The website, a product of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has a weekly bird, sound, features, and a question. Students can submit their own questions. Challenge your bird brains with a weekly bird quiz on the Lab’s Facebook page.

Birding Basics provides information on how to attract birds and take photographs as well as tutorials for birding skills and a guide to birds.

Building Skills helps new birders become more adept in bird recognition by posing a four-step identification process with multimedia tutorials in size & shape, color pattern, behavior, and habitat. Tutorials in field marks and songs & calls round out the primer.

The Bird Guide can be searched by name and shape or taxonomy. The shape index provides silhouettes of groups of birds with similar shapes. Users can browse taxonomy by clicking order and family names to see a list of species. A link is provided to the Check-list of North American birds.

Living Birds is an online magazine with articles and multimedia features.

Macaulay Library has 175,000 audio recordings representing 75 percent of the world's birds, as well as an expanding catalog of insect, fish, frog, and mammal recordings. The newer video archive has 50,000 clips, representing 3,500 species.



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Counting Birds

Lois Weber, a retired teacher assiting at Sutherland Elementary in Palm Harbor, Florida

With this classroom activity, students participate in a birding event in which they count birds, draw pictures, and write stories.