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Monarch Butterfly Migration

Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

monarch butterfly

Follow the 2016 monarch migration and report your own monarch sightings on the Monarch Butterfly Migration: Journey North website. Help scientists understand how climate and seasons affect monarchs.

This year’s drought is affecting the fall monarch migration. Monarch Migration Update has the latest migration news.

Kids is a section of the website with PDF booklets on migration, annual cycle, life cycle, monarchs through the seasons, and life in the monarch butterfly sanctuary region of Mexico. Slideshows and videos are available as well.

Resources provide information for fall, winter and spring and life cycle as well as specific resources for roosting, food, flight, temperature, geography, and conservation.

Facts is a catalog of student asked/expert answered questions about physical characteristics of the monarch, life cycle, ecology, and conservation. This section has teacher suggestions for using the FAQs in the classroom.

The Maps section features All Monarch Sightings Fall, 2012. The How to Report link includes specialized maps showing overnight roosts, peak migration events, egg and larva sightings, and other observation, including absence data. The Report Sightings link lets observers send and view monarch data.

Many resources for primary and intermediate students and guides for teachers are available.



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