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Learning Lab: The Poetry Foundation

Found In: language arts & literature; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The Learning Lab is a Poetry Foundation resource for students and teachers of poetry. The audience is primarily grades 6-12, but many of the essays can provide background for K-5 teachers as well. A recent feature, Eileen Murphy’s essay “Nurturing the Omnivore: Approaches to Teaching Poetry,” suggests classroom activities that can be used at all grade levels.

Poem Guides is a group of 81 guides to poems spanning five centuries. Poems come with additional resources. John Keats’s “To Autumn,” for example, includes:

  • an annotated version,
  • an audio file,
  • writing ideas,
  • discussion questions,
  • teaching tips,
  • poem guide, and
  • related content, in this case, links to other poems by Keats and explanations of poetic terms.

Educators provides links to articles for teachers and students, poem guides, teaching ideas, essays on theory, glossary, and videos.

Essays on Poetic Theory is an anthology of more than 50 famous essays written by poets and critics from Plato (380 BC) to Brenda Hillman (2006) arranged in chronological order.

In the Glossary of Poetic Terms, users can search for specific terms or browse terms in their entirety, or restrict by forms & types, rhythm & meter, schools & periods, techniques & figures of speech, theory & criticism.



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