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Inquiry in Action

Found In: science, 3-5, 9-12

Inquiry in Action is a 3rd edition textbook and activities offered by the American Chemical Society (ACS) for teaching physical science and chemistry concepts to students in grades 3-8. To suit the needs of the grade level differences, the activities were designed to be adaptable. Concepts included match the National Science Education Content Standards for Physical Science and Science as Inquiry. Review chemistry fundamentals on the homepage.

A spiral-bound, full-color textbook can be bought from ACS (this is an instance when Amazon is not cheaper) or a black and white PDF version (8.5 MB, 470 pgs.) can be downloaded for free. The download page links to other ACS resources, such as Reactions, which provides entertaining science video podcasts. A recent podcast debunks the old Thanksgiving turkey myth about tryptophan and post-dinner drowsiness. The textbook’s seven chapters cover investigations of:

  • physical properties and physical change,
  • dissolving solids,
  • liquids,
  • gases,
  • chemical change,
  • states of matter, and
  • density.

Teachers will find background information, introductory demonstrations and activities, guiding questions, sample procedures, expected results, and assessment tools. Investigations include content readings for students.

The companion website presents activities by chapter or by topic. Activity pages link to PDF downloads for chapters, review and apply answers, readings, chemistry reviews, and related activities so teachers can print only what they need.



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