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Found In: mathematics, science, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Interactivate houses free, online science and mathematics activities, lessons, and discussions in the form of dialogs. It includes stand-alone tools for analyzing or organizing numbers and data, a dictionary of math terms used in site, and standards for middle school mathematics. A Guide explains site navigation and how to align searches with common math textbooks. What’s New highlights new and updated activities discussions and lessons. The website provides learners access to more than 100 activities, dictionary, and tools and teachers to more than 70 lessons aligned to NCTM standards for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, discussions, and NCTM and state standards.

Clock Wise is a clock-reading activity for grades 3-5 that lets students enter a time and see it displayed on an analog clock. A random setting displays a time that students try to correctly read. The activity has three difficulty levels. Clock speed can be set and scores monitored. Tabs for Learner and Instructor provide additional activities, background information, worksheets, and standards. A Help tab explains features.

Angles lets student in grades 6-8 practice angle vocabulary. Given two parallel lines and a transversal, students identify acute, obtuse, and right angels and pairs of angles as adjacent, vertical, alternate-interior, alternate-exterior, same-side interior, same-side exterior, or corresponding. Students can set one or two transversals.

Advanced Fire lets students in grades 9-12 adjust a variety of initial parameters and look for patterns in a fire if a forest is densely planted in a rectangular grid. Students adjust the probability that an individual tree will burn, select forest size, and set quadrant and burn mode. They can highlight the center tree, regrow the forest, and show the burn history.



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