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ScrapKins Hands-On Projects

Found In: health & p.e., science, preK-2, 3-5

The Whole Kids Foundation’s ScrapKins Hands-On Projects are nature, nutrition, and recycling activities for elementary students to promote nutrition and wellness. New projects and conversation starters to get teachers, parents, and kids talking about good food will be available every month. All project instructions and templates are in PDF format.

Sample Activities

  • Make A Eco Envelope (PDF icon PDF, 740 KB, 1 pg.) shows students how to make an envelope from a recycled cereal box. Think About Questions ask students to think about their favorite lunch and to consider what fruits and vegetables they would like to see in the lunchroom. They are then encouraged to write letters to principals, superintendents, or state representatives describing what they would like their school lunches to be.
  • Build a Bird Feeder (PDF icon PDF, 386 KB, 1 pg.) shows students how to use milk or juice cartons to make bird feeders and to think about the nutritional value of seeds for birds and for humans.
  • Students create fruit or veggie superheroes and give them lunchroom or playground adventures in Lunchtime Comics (PDF icon PDF, 678 KB, 1 pgs.). Students publish their stories in cereal box-bound books.
  • In Build A Bee Colony, (PDF icon PDF, 409 KB, 1 pgs.) students make bees and their hive from cereal boxes and cardboard tubes as they learn about the role bees lay in pollination and making honey.

The Whole Kids Foundation website has additional Resources on lunch programs, nutrition, school gardens, family & school fitness, grants & awards, and more.



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