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The Crogan Adventures

Found In: language arts & literature, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

The Crogan Adventures is author Chris Schweizer’s blog for his series of historical graphic novels The Crogan Adventures.

Resources for Teachers provides a 23-page (PDF) guide to using Crogan’s Loyalty as part of a middle school and high school social studies, history, language arts, or English curriculum. In Crogan’s Loyalty two brothers, Charles and William Crogan are on opposite sides as conflict brews between the Colonies and England. The guide includes information and an activity about comics and graphic novels; information about principal actors during the period: patriots and loyalists, women, African Americans, Native Americans, Hessians, and teenagers; before, during, and after reading activities; discussion questions and activities; and literary terms and analysis questions.

Print Interviews provide author and book information for students, especially fledgling cartoonists.

Video and Audio segments are best used for giving teachers background on the stories and author. The videos are not the best quality and some a crude.

Teachers can email the author to arrange an author visit or arrange a video-chat through AIM, iChat, or Skype if distance or schedule makes a live visit impossible.



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