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Kinetic City

Found In: health & PE; science; 3-5

Kinetic City features science experiments, online games, activities, challenges, printable card games, and more for grades 3-5. The website is loosely organized with some overlap, which provides plenty of opportunities for exploration and surprise. Free registration lets users earn bonus points. Our World is a brief overview of the website’s rationale.

Lab Car offers five mind games. Each game has instructions that can be printed. In Power Up!, players balance economy, power, and pollution to keep a city running. When a player runs out of money or ruins the environment, the game ends. Activities have debriefings and opportunities to learn more.

Mission to Vearth! explores life science through 4 learning modules, Omega, Phi, Tau, and Sigma, with four components each. One Omega component, Sleuron, provides an online reaction time activity and four classroom activities. A list of required supplies is provided for each.

Science Gym explores the science of fitness in 8 activities combining physical action and fitness and nutritional information. In Respiration Relay, students use red and blue foam balls to trace oxygen from lungs to heart to leg muscles in a time relay.

Spark Club has 8 units related to the Sun and Green energy. The units include informational readings, projects, and journal entries.

For Educators outlines the website, describes how to start a club, and provides forms and leader guides for the Omega, Phi, Tau, and Sigma packs.



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