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ASU Ask a Biologist

Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

ASU Ask A Biologist is a resource for PreK-12 teachers and students manned by Arizona State University (ASU) faculty and staff.

Activities are designed to help students learn science through play. Students can use the Bird Finder, Body Depot, coloring pages, experiments, puzzles, quizzes, and more. The Mysterious Word of Dr. Biology asks students to do some detective work and mail in their findings. Teachers will find a link to cross-curricular lessons. How To… has articles on building ant farms, making podcasts, and more, as well as six computer-based Reasoning Modules that are being developed. Module 6: Proportional Reasoning is available in English and Spanish for review.

Stories features stories to read or podcasts to listen to with guest scientists. One podcast, Strange Cricket Silence, (21:51) examines how crickets have evolved in response to a parasitic fly on the island of Kauai within the short span of five years.

Images are collected in two galleries. The Zoom Galleries provide an opportunity to get very close to ants, pollen, feathers, tiger beetles, and plankton.

Ask a Question lets students or teachers fill out a form to submit a question. The site’s volunteers try to answer questions in 72 hours. Be sure to read the Guidelines first.

Teacher Toolbox lets a teacher find what they need as quickly as possible. Search by keyword and narrow fields by resource category, grade level, and whether or not a computer is needed.

Listen houses all the podcasts. Each show includes a full written transcript.



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