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Motivate: Maths Enrichment for Schools

Found In: health & PE; mathematics; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Motivate: Maths Enrichment for Schools provides opportunities for students in grades K-12 to discover how math relates to life and other subjects.

Maths and Our Health has five resource packs for students in grades 6-10 based on topical issues in biomedical science. In addition to math, ethics are also introduced. Packs include video clips of experts, presentations, worksheets, games, teacher notes and worksheet answers. One pack, "Eating bacon sandwiches is bad for you!" Evaluating Risk, helps students learn to evaluate health risks often reported in newspaper headlines.

Disease Dynamics School Pack explores how diseases spread, and how the spread of disease can be modeled with mathematics. The pack includes practical classroom activities, games, and investigations. 26 Card Epidemic uses a standard deck of playing cards to model the spread of disease. Directions, questions to think about, and epidemic record sheet (PDF) are included.

Multi-Media Packs for grades 6-12 have video clips, classroom activities and games, topical issues for discussion, student worksheets, and teacher notes. Babylonian Maths, for example, features activities to help students in grades 5-6 compare Babylonian and present day math.

Cross-Curricular Resources links to material in art, citizenship, design & technology, economics, geography, history, media, music, science, and sport. Shapely Lines asks students in grades 1-2 to draw straight lines on paper to make an interesting pattern. The activity links to related activities.



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