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The Poetry Archive

Found In: language arts & literature, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Poetry Archive is a growing collection of poets reading their work and grade K-12 classroom materials. My Archive is a free feature that lets teachers and students sign up to create their own archives. How To Get The Best Out Of The Archive provides general tips for listening to and reading poetry. The site has a Glossary of Poetic Terms.


The Poets highlights poets new to the archive as well as providing a way to browse all poets by name or region. Some of the poets appear in The Interviews, which houses a brief series of videos answering specific questions posted next to the viewer as well as read poems. Transcripts are included.


The Poems can be searched by title, poetic form, or theme. A number of guides provide another way to explore the archive by offering a selection of poems with brief introductions. Historic Recordings include W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, Philip Larkin, Ezra Pound, W. B. Yeats, and many others. The oldest recording is an excerpt from Robert Browning made in 1889.

K-12 Resources

For Teachers contains lesson plans and activities. Four teachers share ideas for using the Archive in a 13-minute video, Poetry, Creativity, Multimodality.

For Students has background information on poets to provide context for their work and links to other poetry websites, as well as other sections of the Archive.

The Children’s Archive furnishes separate access to the archive for young users. Poets for children are highlighted, and students can search by themes that appeal to a younger audience.



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