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Found In: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

KidWind is a wind energy curriculum for grades 6-12.

Learn About Wind covers wind power basics, variables for projects, and science fair experiments and projects and provides links to additional resources, colleges and training programs, and information on careers in wind energy. Wind Turbine Science Projects furnishes plans, ideas, and other useful information for building basic, intermediate, and advanced wind turbines for classroom experiments or for student science fair projects.

Teacher Resources includes an interdisciplinary wind energy curriculum with 18 lessons, each framed around a key question related to wind energy. Each lesson has pages for teachers (color) and students black and white). Teacher pages have background information, lists of materials, standards, assessment questions, and tips. Student pages have readings, case studies, professional profiles, and worksheets. Teachers can filter lessons by unit (5), subject (9), and tags (8). Lessons are free but require registration. Other resources include PowerPoint presentations, GIS data, animations, videos, product manuals, Vernier, and more.

Turbine Challenges offers opportunities for student teams to compete with other design teams in the United States and all over the world. Live Challenges have taken place in eleven states. A short video explains what a challenge is. A Web Competition is also available. Students can build a turbine, collect data, and upload it to the website to compete for prizes.

Free Workshops are offered for teachers. Most are one day, but KidWind also offers half day and multiday workshops. The next scheduled workshop is in Portland, Oregon on August 5th.



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