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American Passages: A Literary Survey

Found In: language arts, 9-12

American Passages: A Literary Survey provides professional development and classroom materials for the study of American Literature. Each of the 16 units presents literature in its cultural context and includes an downloadable instructor guide, study guide, and 30 minute video. The canon and re-discovered texts are included. The site can be searched by keyword.

Unit Index links to 16 units of study. The units cover themes such as native voices, utopian promise, gothic undercurrents, and migrant struggle. The 8th unit, Regional Realism, includes Charles W. Chesnutt, Kate Chopin, Charles Alexander Eastman, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Joel Chandler Harris, Bret Harte, Sarah Orne Jewett, Alexander Posey, Mark Twain, and Zitkala-Sa. Activities include overview questions, video, author, and context activities, creative response, and problem-based learning projects.

The Archive stores exhibits, photographs, video clips, audio clips and multimedia.

Book Club has an author index linking to brief biographies, teaching tips, author questions, and selected archive Items. The entry for Emily Dickinson, for example, features two photographs, two readings of poems, and two songs that can used to set Dickinson poems.

Build A Slideshow lets teachers and students use point-and-click to collect audio and visual material from the Archive. Each slide can hold an audio clip, up to two images, and original text. Slideshows can be stored online, emailed, or downloaded.



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