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Found In: science, 9-12

BioInteractive is a free library of bioscience animations, videos, interactives, lecture series, apps, and more for teachers and students in grades 9-12. Teachers can search resources using topic, resource, or series drop down menus or by name or keyword.

A topic search for “bioinformatics” produces 18 resources. One resource is an animation (01:00) illustrating Shotgun Sequencing, a method for sequencing genomes by fragmenting, analyzing, and reassembling sequenced fragments. The animation can be viewed online or downloaded in two different formats and sizes. Links to related materials, including DNA Sequence Assembly, are provided.

A search for classroom resources lists 104. EarthViewer is a free app for the iPad that can be used to teach biology and geology concepts and to make cross-curricular connections. Take a brief (0:30) EarthViewer Video Tour. Testing a Hypothesis is a worksheet designed to engage students as they watch the short film, (14:03) The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection in Humans, which examines the connection between the genetic disease sickle cell anemia and malaria that Anthony Allison discovered in East Africa.

A series search for Biodiversity produces 42 resources. Symbiotic Bioluminescence is a slideshow that explores the symbiotic relationship between the Hawaiian Bobtail squid and bioluminescent bacteria.

The website also offers a Teacher Guide: AP Biology (PDF icon PDF, 2 MB, 58 pgs.) and Excel table (621 KB) that correlate the website resources the AP Biology Curriculum Framework.


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