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Chemistry Education Resources

Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The American Chemical Society’s Chemistry Education Resources are for teachers and students in grades K-12 and higher. Resources are grouped under academic level. Teachers will also find classroom safety, exams, assessments, study aids, and student programs and resources. Some materials are free, others are for sale.

Elementary & Middle School

Under Elementary & Middle School Science Education Resources, teachers will find teaching guides for grades 3-6 and 6-8 and activity books preK-6. Both teaching guides can be downloaded for free. Grade 6-8 lessons are grouped in 6 chapters covering matter, changes of state, density, periodic table & bonding, water & dissolving, and chemical change. Lessons can be further sorted by grade and state standard. In Lesson 4.2 The Periodic Table, for example, students are introduced to the table and the information it supplies and focus on the first 20 elements. The lesson links to additional teaching materials in PDF format, including the entire chapter 4, extended reading, and multimedia.

High School

Under High School Chemistry Education Resources, teachers will find teaching resources, exams, and information on grants and teaching students with special needs. Landmark Lesson Plans features 6 inquiry-based student activities designed to supplement a unit of study that include reading materials and videos. The lessons are available in PDF format. Another high school resource is Reactions: Science Videos & Infographics, a collection of brief videos examining aspects of chemistry found in the exotic (the smell of the Corpse Flower) and in the mundane (quickly caramelizing onions).



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