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Poems about Teaching and Teachers

Found In: language arts, 9-12

Poems about Teaching and Teachers is a Poetry Foundation resource or grades 9-12 that includes poems and essays written by veteran teachers on teaching poetry.

Teachers On Students is a collection of five poems including, “Poem for Christian, My Student” by Gail Mazur. Christian might remind many teachers of past students, a bright young man pulled in many directions. An irrepressible boy, whose “assignments are rarely completed, or actually started.”

Students On Teachers is a collection of five poems, including “Transcendentalism” by Lucia Perillo. The speaker of the poem, in this case, relates being bored in a teacher’s class but finally realizes that the teacher and his class had a more profound effect on her than she could have guessed.

Teaching Poetry is a collection of five poems including “Workshop” by Billy Collins, a humorous and accurate presentation of some earnest and well-meaning poetry workshop critiques. On the other hand, “Maybe that’s just the way I read it.”

For School Teachers is a collection of three poems mixing morality, information, and make-believe that younger students will need to distinguish. In “A Teacher’s Lament” by Kalli Dakos, an irritated teacher rejects student excuses for not being prepared for class only to finally confess to being unprepared as well.

Academia is a collection of three poems having fun at the expense of higher education. In “The Poet Ridiculed by Hysterical Academics” by W. D. Snodgrass, a poet has fun with academic question and answer sessions.

Teaching Poetry: Resources features five varied essays on best practices. For example, “Crisis of Conscience” by Maria Hummel addresses how writing teachers should balance concern for student safety with student writing that is disturbing. “Nurturing the Omnivore: Approaches to Teaching Poetry” by Eileen Murphy suggests ways of approaching poetry in the literature classroom: reading/responding, creative writing, and performance.

Learn is a link to more poems, essays, and articles on poetry for students and teachers.



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