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Found In: health & p.e., science, 6-8, 9-12

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center has made available Learn.Genetics, a free collection of educational material for grades 6-12 science and health students and teachers.

A section called Basics provides a foundation in cells and their parts. A Tour of the Basics covers six topics:

  • DNA,
  • genes,
  • chromosomes,
  • proteins,
  • heredity,
  • and traits.

Students can take the tour online, or teachers can download it to a computer. Each topic is presented with a series of slides. Information is in print and audio. Students click arrows to move forward or backward. The tour links to an older version that covers mitosis and meiosis.

Other basics covered are DNA and protein synthesis and functions, heredity and traits, cells. Amazing Cells includes an interactive Inside A Cell that lets students explore animal and plants cells.

New & Popular currently highlights nine sections of the website. For example, Build A DNA Molecule is an interactive that lets students link pairs of molecules to build a partial strand of DNA and discover how long it would take to build a complete strand by hand. Another interactive, Click And Clone lets student clone a mouse.


Associated with Learn.Genetics is Teach.Genetics. Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans is a collection of free classroom tools and supplemental resources for K-12. The unit Introduction To Heredity contains lesson plans, take-home activities, and teacher resources for grades 5-7 that are keyed to National Science Education Standards. Supplemental material for Amazing Cells and Epigenetics are also available. The Curriculum Index links to games, simulations, activities, worksheets, teaching guides, and more, all provided as PDFs.



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