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Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology

Found In: preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology is a product of the University of Georgia and edited by a member of the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology. The online text is a resource for education students, new teachers, and teachers wishing to review the latest theory and practice.

The Introduction gives an overview of learning and instructional theory, and subsequent chapters elaborate on theories, models, and strategies and provide multimedia files to support and illustrate content. Chapters cover learning and cognitive theories, learner-centered theories, inquiry strategies, inquiry strategies, tools for teaching and learning, socially oriented theories, and direct instruction strategies.

For example, in the first chapter, Learning and Cognitive Theories, the section on Bloom’s Taxonomy compares the original and revised (2001) taxonomies. An animation illustrates the revised (Anderson, 2001) taxonomy. Each level can be clicked to reveal charts of verbs and products. The section includes links to further Internet resources and a bibliography of print resources.

The section on Motivation in the chapter titled Learner-Centered Theories gives a general overview of theories. It includes a narrated PowerPoint presentation (2:59) that distinguishes mastery and performance goals and explains their influence on student learning and motivation. Mastery goals are favored and a table lists classroom structure and instructional strategies supporting mastery goals.

The chapter on Socially Oriented Theories has a section on Cooperative Learning provides a table of forms of learning groups and the pros and cons of cooperative learning.



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