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Mathematics Illuminated

Found In: mathematics, 9-12

Mathematics Illuminated is a multimedia series intended for adults and high school teachers that can be used to enrich advanced high school mathematics classes. The thirteen-part series explores major themes such as prime numbers, game theory, and chaos in half-hour videos and related materials. Teachers can earn three credits. For more information see: Graduate Credit.

The Course Materials include facilitator guides, participant guides, and text units in PDF format.

The Units have homepages. The homepage for Unit 4: Topology, for example, includes an introduction to the theme and unit goals and provides a menu with links to the video and video transcript, online textbook unit with links to separate sections, an interactive, PDF guides and chapter, and additional resources. The interactive for topology, Robots, explores configuration space. This interactive is designed to take 30-40 minutes.

The Interactives illustrate concepts and let students test ideas. Some interactives introduce concepts, while others extend them. The interactives catalog page lists, describes nine activities, and suggests how much time is required for completion.

The Glossary is organized by unit and defines critical terms.

The Math Family Tree outlines the development of mathematics from 25,000 BCE (Ishango Bone) to the solving of the Poincare Conjecture. Orange lines make connections between earlier mathematical developments and those that followed. Click highlighted entries to get more information about an event, discovery, or mathematician.



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