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EduCore: Tools for Teaching the Common Core

Found In: language arts, mathematics, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

EduCore: Tools for Teaching the Common Core are ASCD tools and professional development resources to help teachers implement Common Core State Standards. Search by keyword and filter by channel, grade level, math, literacy, and resource type. For example, a search for “algebra” that is filtered by “math tools” (channel), “9-12” (grade level), and “problem solving” (math) produces 8 resources: classroom challenges, videos, and a web resource. Educators can register for free to save searches, organize tools, and add notes.

About the Common Core has video and documents about the history, adoption, concepts, and uses of Common Core. A common misconception about the Common Core State Standards is that they dictate how to teach and what to teach. In From Common Core Standards to Curriculum: Five Big Ideas, the authors dispel these misconceptions. An initial page states the five big ideas. A downloadable whitepaper provides a detailed discussion of each.


Literacy Tools describes the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), components of the LDC framework, and how to use LDC in the classroom. Download LDC 1.0 Guidebook to LDC: Linking Secondary Core Content to the Common Core State Standards (PDF icon PDF, 2.6 MB, 113 pgs.) for an overview of LDC, step-by-step guidelines for writing an LDC module, and two example modules.


Math Tools provides middle school and high school formative assessment lessons in problem solving and concept development and videos of mathematics lessons in action. Math and the Common Core: An In-depth Look includes web resources, documents, and videos exploring the Common Core’s history, rationale, and their effect on classroom instruction.

The Glossary can be filtered to display terms specific to math or literacy.



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