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Mind & Perception

Found In: science, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

Mind & Perception is a facet of the Exploratorium. The resources will supplement science and social studies. The reading level is appropriate for students in grades 6-12, but many of the activities can be used with younger students.

Memory features a sheep brain dissection, five online exhibits, and articles and lectures. One of the online exhibits, Don't Forget! Playing Games with Memory, includes a sequence of four activities to test memory and suggests ways to help you remember things. The first activity offers a familiar memory game (20 things to remember) in an online solitaire version for individual students and a “Party Game” version to use with small groups or full class.

Illusion Songs is a blog that highlights auditory illusions found in indigenous folk practices, popular music, and scientific research. A recent entry is for Silbo Gomero, a whistled language of the Canary Islands that facilitates communication over long distances and is taught in local schools.

Mind: The Science, Art, and Experience of Our Inner Lives has two sections, Play and Ponder. Play has six activities. One of them, Divided Attention, challenges players to track orbs. Players can choose one to seven orbs. Ponder has four activities. One of them, Our Stuff, Our Stories, includes an article on adolescents and their important possessions and a lesson plan. An activity presents twenty items from twenty different people and stories explaining their significance.

Young in Mind is an article that explores the science of memory and aging. Along the way, the article suggests techniques for improving memory.

Mind Lecture Series includes five video lectures and abbreviated audio versions that examine creativity, emotion, autism and the animal mind, and humor and laughter.



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