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Emily Dickinson Archive

Found In: language arts & literature; 9-12

The Emily Dickinson Archive is a cooperative endeavor making available for the first time in one online location high-resolution images of manuscripts of poems, as well as transcriptions and annotations from selected historical and scholarly editions central to the study of Dickinson’s work. The manuscripts range from lines written on envelopes and other scraps of paper; to drafts; to finished poems sent to friends or copied into manuscript books. The ultimate goal of the archive is to provide access to images of all surviving Dickinson autograph manuscripts, images of Dickinson letters, and additional modern and historical editions of poems and letters.

Manuscript pages can be searched or browsed by Library Collection or Work (first line, date, recipient, or edition). A visit to the Work browser offers an 1861 poem that begins “A Burdock -- clawed my Gown,” for example, provides a window with search options, and image of the manuscript page, in this case a letter to Emily’s brother Austin, information about the image, a place to add notes if the user has signed in, and a printed text of the poem. Images can be zoomed in and out and viewed full-page.

A Lexicon of 9,000 words provides definitions from Dickinson’s dictionary and allows users to search poems with those words.



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