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The Radix Endeavor

Found In: math, science, 9-12

The Radix Endeavor is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for high school STEM students developed at MIT. Players land in the Bladed Plains on the island of Ysola and help an underground group search for solutions to the island’s environmental and social problems. Players collaborate with other players to conduct experiments, develop hypotheses, and discover how the biological and mathematical systems work. Players who determine the cause of the problems and how to correct them can save the island from the evil Obfuscati. The Radix Trailer gives an overview.

Register for free as a teacher or player. Teachers with approved accounts have additional Dashboard features.

The Radix Endeavor covers concepts in biology, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. The game aligns with the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards for high school students. Task-based assessments for each topic area are embedded and data collected to provide player feedback and scaffolding. Teachers can use the data to monitor progress and tailor lessons.

From the Development Team: Though the Radix Endeavor Project is on hiatus and user support is limited, the game is still available to all interested teachers, students, and players.



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