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Chain Reaction

Found In: language arts & literature science, 3-5, 6-8

Arizona State University’s Chain Reaction is a science magazine and website for students in grades 4-8. All the articles in Chain Reaction magazine cover topics keyed to K-12 Arizona Science Standards. The magazine can be used in other curriculum areas, such as language arts. Teachers can receive single issues of Chain Reaction or classroom packs of 30 for free by joining the subscription list.

Stories are archived and can be browsed by date, topic, or issue. Under issues, entire numbers can downloaded as PDFs. A recent story, Move over, Monopoly: ASU Researchers Find Families Bond Over Video Game Play reports that shared video gaming experiences can improve communication among family members.

Activities has experiments and games. Make Your Own Fossil is an activity for students to make a “fossil” of a seashell with clay and Plaster of Paris. One game, Desert Diets, challenges students to match animals to what they eat.

Links connects students to other ASU and off-site science resources.

Teachers’ Lounge provides a list of lesson plans and related articles from the most recent issue of Chain Reaction (#7), “People and Environment: Our Heat Habitat.” Included on the list is a link to Ecology Explorers, which lets Phoenix area K-12 students and teachers do real scientific research. The Teachers’ Lounge also provides teacher resources under subject area headings.


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